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Suertes del Marques, 7 Fuentes 2018

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Screams volcanic, from the colour to the aroma to the flavour and texture. It's all things spicy, floral and fruit driven with enviable, tingling acid. Absolute go-to!

From The Natty Boy

I remember the first time I drunk this wine, I was working in Sydney on a cold winter evening and wanted to try something well outside of the my usual strike zone as I was just getting started in wine. The label was cool, all in Spanish and varieties I had never heard of before. I was drinking with the Somm from Love, Tilly Devine (fantastic bar if you are ever in Sydney) who knew a bit more about this fantastic producer from Tenerife and was very, very excited. After one sip it became clear why... I always find the wines coming off volcanic soils to have this outstanding, lithe texture, almost grainy in the finest way, and incredible freshness belying the often extremely hot conditions in which they are produced. This is made from listan negro and tintilla, with vines aged from 10 to approx. 180 (yes!) years old. They have this ridiculous training system called cordon trenzado which is worth a look. It must be the most laborious thing to work with, which makes the value here even more ridiculous. 7 Fuentes is made up of grapes from 35 different plots, with a range of altitudes from 180-800m above sea level, with a lot of cliffside plantings. Everything is vinified separately with native yeasts before the final blend is put together. This exudes volcanic appeal, it's smoky and almost dusty to smell alongside sweet, tangy red berries and cracked pepper. The dusty sensation flows to the palate in the best way possible in an exceedingly moreish texture. This was fermented in concrete and older oak, with no additions save a tiny amount of SO2 at bottling. Really good with a slight chill, although that's pretty unnecessary at the moment!