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Hervé Souhaut, Saint Joseph 'Clos des Cessieux' 2020

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Old vine Syrah again. This is a relatively new parcel in the Souhaut stable. Finesse to the fore in a land where many favour power and overt fruit. It's at once classic and modern, showing that dark core and meaty aromatic profile all tied down by some bracing acid and tight tannins. Powerful yes, but restrained and balanced. One to lay down, or just one to drink, you get to choose!


Producer: Herve Souhaut

Region/Country: Saint-Joseph, Northern Rhone, France

Grape/s: Syrah

Production Method: Practicing organic farming. Whole grape fermentation in a semi-carbonic environment. Wild yeasts. Maturation in older oak. Bottled without filtration or fermentation.

Style: Far less extracted and tannic than what is typical of the region. Very poised, delicate and balanced yet showing nice presence and classic, meaty flavour profile