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  • KOEHLER-RUPRECHT Kallstadter Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2019
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Koehler-Ruprecht, Kallstadter Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2020

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Dry German Riesling is very much desert island for me, and after a sip of this beauty it will be for you too.


From the Natty Boy

As with all German wines, the name is a bit of a handful! Kallstader is the name of the town, Kabinett is the lowest sugar ripeness level on their Pradikatswein classification system and Trocken means dry. I doubt that makes it any clearer! These guys have been making wine since the 1700's in Pfalz, which is situated in SW Germany, west of the Rhine river. The vineyards here are planted along the east facing slopes of the Haardt mountains making them perfect sun traps. The Riesling produced in Pfalz is largely dry as a result, compared to the sweeter styles produced from regions on the riverbanks (due to humidity), and fuller in body. Winemaking here is very old-school, still in the Monastic style of its origins. Wild yeast fermentation in large casks to full dryness - this can take months depending on the weather - and then the wine is transferred to large format, old oak barrels (some are over 100 years old) to mature. These casks have a natural tartrate lining from the wine, so are the perfect vessel for Riesling. They're also commonplace in Alsace). Super refreshing, this has everything I love about Riesling in a glass. Inviting aromatics, racy acid, delicious citrus and orchard character veering toward tropical and great drive. These wines are an absolute steal as nobody really touches Riesling in the mass market.